Sunday, September 11

The most painful scene in Sex and the City 2

(See this post for context.)

The promise to go to dinner is fulfilled, and over tacos and hummus (loljk, iunno what they ate) Aiden and Carrie recall the good old times. There's flirting and sly smiles and "you look good"s, and on the way out of the restaurant, in the middle of the seven arches that represent the seven arab emirates...

...they kiss. It's a long, drawn-out, open-mouth (not sure if there was tongue) kiss, not a shy smack, and Carrie pulls out of it too late (although, really, it was already too late when Aiden leaned in).

Carrie runs back to the hotel and confers with the girls. Samantha tells her not to tell Big—"it's only a kiss"—but Carrie knows better. At least she has the good sense not to keep Big in the dark about it.

It has to be hard having to talk about something like that when the two of you are on either end of the world. The conversation goes downhill from when Carrie says something like, "I saw Aiden at the spice market." Big is understandably distraught and tells her he has to go back to work. The next time they speak is when she gets back to New York.

Carrie's visibly guilty about the whole thing. She opens up to Charlotte about how she'd been complaining that their marriage had become boring of late, but that Aiden reminded her of her former self, "running around New York" without a purpose and that she was more than happy with Big. The sentiment feels nice, but you still have to think, bitch you kissed Aiden.

Big: Tunay Na Lalake. Carrie was afraid the kiss would be too much for Big to take, but he gives her a black diamond ring as punishment. A diamond. For punishment.

Then again, were this story set in the Philippines, it wouldn't have ended that way. Malaki would have forgiven Carina without incident—the emotional equivalent of deus ex machina—and they would have locked lips as the camera pulled out slowly and a corny string score played into the closing credits. No fancy jewelry or make-up vacations to scenic islands—they couldn't afford them. #firstworldproblems

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